I blame the judge who released Kwaw Kese - Kontihene

Kwaw Kese’s reply to Kontihene, after he had stated that Kwaw doesn’t do songs with good content, seems to have really infuriated Kontihene.

Kontihene this time around, has called Kwaw Kese “a mad man incapable of producing content-filled music.”

More fuel to the flames, Kontihene in an interview on Starr Fm yesterday, said that he is convinced Kwaw Kese is truly “mad” and unworthy of his attention.

“My comments were not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was granting an interview on a new song I am producing and the presenter asked if I would want to feature him and I said no, his kind of music doesn’t work well with my style that’s all,” he said.

However, he said he feels sorry for the rapper for riding on his comments to start a beef, blaming the judge who granted him freedom after he was indicted for publicly smoking marijuana.

“I feel sorry for him. I don’t blame him, I blame the judge who just released him. I am busy doing something right now and I want to give very little attention to what he is doing but I intend to record evergreen songs and Kwaw Kese simply doesn’t cut it.

“I am recording a content-filled song.He records songs with less content. He doesn’t have an album,” Kontihene lashed.





Source: ghanavibes.com