Shatta Wale blasts 2015 Bass Awards organisers
Article Posted on 2015-12-11

Shatta Wale is angry and has stated that he will not be performing at the upcoming Bass Awards.

The Kakai hit-maker revealed he was not attending because the organizers couldn't afford him.

Shatta took his official Facebook page and wrote;

"My Fans I am not attending no bass awards this December because they can’t pay me to perform. And if I see any nomination with my name will be a court case. Thank you and spread the word.? ?No time? Sm4lyf"

"If you have money do it free for the youth to come. Don’t extort money from the ghetto youth. Dancehall is no joke ting. Ghetto youth wise up and rise...Lets do our own thing. ?Notime?"

"Ghana!! Shatta movement fans remember we started performing from wooden stages to international platforms with the help of you; you and you. I don’t call myself a star. So if you call yourself a star and you know you haven’t gotten there better find a rocket to take you to the moon and go and vent your anger there. It’s not sanlah yet so stop beefing. LoL Peace Sm4lyf"

"And the monkey said, if you won’t praise me, I will praise myself. Am the best and first you have ever seen in Gh Dancehall...I Rose Gh Dancehall. Don’t Envy. Most Gh Dancehall artiste in Ghana are my breed. Whether you like it or not, I said it and I will say it again, none of you cats can control me like a robot but your bosses control you. You can hate to understand the fact but thanks to Ghana Music Awards for making the world know I was the first Best Dancehall Artiste to pave the way for others. Medaase".

Bass Awards is organized by outfits which includes Bullhaus Entertainment that 'managed' the star until a few months ago.

Source: Ghanaweb

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