I don't have any political ambition - Kofi Adjorlolo
Article Posted on 2015-12-08

Following the publication indicating that he will in future accept any political appointment that may come his way, celebrated Ghanaian veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo has debunked that publication.

Kofi Adjorlolo debunking the publication indicated candidly that, he never has any political plans, thus he was misquoted by the blogger:

He spoke with Dr. Who, host of hot and classic showbiz review on Hot93.9fm in Accra:

“My brother Dr. Who, I don’t have any political ambition. The blogger or the journalist asked me, at my age What’s next?… will I accept any political appointment?… So you see where the trouble is? He asked me…i never told him I have any political ambitions”, Adjorlolo explained to Dr. Who.

He continued by saying that he is not a card holding member of any political party so how can he aspire to become a minister or wanted to be offered with a political appointment:

"So when the blogger asked me, I said why not? I will accept any political position though it sounds quite ambiguous for me to be a minister…because to be a minister you have to dedicate yourself to that governing party. Probably, you must be an activist of the party, a card holding member of the party. You must have been to their rallies etc.

So the reason why I said it's quite ambiguous is because am not a card holding member of any political party, I have not gone to any of their rallies before…in fact, I am nowhere near being a politician. So you see why I said I was misquoted?”, he added with a question

Kofi Adjorlolo is celebrating 30 years of dedicated service in the showbiz industry.

Source: Enterghana.com

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