We've not endorsed Kasapreko’s products – Tagoe Sisters
Article Posted on 2015-11-17

Gospel duo, Tagoe Sisters, have denied endorsing the Kasapreko brand or its alcoholic drinks.

The star artistes have explained to Class News that they only promoted two of the brand’s new non-alcoholic products – Kasapreko Lime Cordial and Soda Water, which together comprise Kasa Virgin – and not any of its liquors.

“We had been invited to a party organised by Kasapreko Distilleries for the Greater Accra executives of MUSIGA on our return from a trip to Koforidua for an election. It was during the party that Kasapreko informed us of the latest additions to their product chain, which were non-alcoholic,” the sisters said.

“So we agreed to come on board and endorse such products. We had a taste of the Soda Water and it was good; it’s not as though we had endorsed Kasapreko’s alcoholic beverages,” they explained.

The sisters said they had been very surprised to learn of reports that they had endorsed an alcoholic brand, which would have raised eyebrows in a largely Christian nation where identifying with alcohol is frowned upon.

Source: Ghanaweb

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